On 2003-02-24 18:39, Sam Izzo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Most of the GNU tools are better documented in the info pages, as
> > they consider man pages legacy. info ld might turn up more
> > detailed info.
> You know, I've read/heard that many times over the years, but
> whenever I look at the info page for whatever tool I'm after, it's
> exactly the same as the man page (in the ld case too).

That's not always true.  I personally committed the change in the
manual page of sdiff(1) both to -current and -stable, to make sure
that the incomplete, lacking manpage has minimal changes from the
vendor version but *does* point to the texinfo docs of diff/sdiff
which are more complete than the manpage.

GNU people do hate manpages annd avoid them some times :(

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