On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 07:18:46AM -0600, James McNaughton wrote:
> Has anyone gotten GNUstep applications (beside Windowmaker) to work?
> I'm trying to get GNUMail to work and it doesn't in many ways.
> The first way is that "openapp" isn't in the path, so I have to use
> the entire path at the command line.
> The second way is that GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT has to be defined in the
> environment or openapp doesn't find GNUMail.app.
> The third way is that after doing all the above implies to get GNUMail
> to run, it segfaults.
> I have rebuilt GNUstep and GNUMail twice already. There doen't seem to
> be any problem compiling and installing any ot this system, however, I
> didn't sit and watch the whole process either.
> So far, I've found no help for these issues on the GNUStep or GNUMail
> websites.

Try asking the maintainer if you don't get any answers here.


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