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> Hi!
> I-ve got a question about dump | restore on soft-updates managed slice.
> When we dump smth on soft updates slice where it actualy(mechanicaly) dump
> it?

The output of the dump is controlled by a command-line switch (-f).  
In the absence of the switch, it defaults to $RMT, but that is rarely
applicable any more.  Soft updates do not affect this.

> Because I-ve forgot to turn of soft-updates off on my backup hdd and dump
> img on it =)

That is not an issue.  Dumping a live filesystem is, but having soft
upates active on the filesystem does not make things significantly worse
than they would have been anyway.

> After that i vas quet surprised because it ate 16 Gigs of / but du\df cant
> show anything about.

Can you be more specific?  Where were you dumping to?  

> what is situated in this 16 Gigs.

Is it possible that your dump went to /dev/rmt because you failed to
supply an alternative destination?  

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area
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