>        I'm upgrading all the ports I have installed and the command I
> used is "portupgrade -aP", exluding ruby and portupgrade itself.
> Sad news is that for every single package it tries to fetch it doesn't
> find anything, so it uses the ports, and it needs lots of time to compile
> everything. (gnome, X, firefox are not so fast to compile!)
> Am I doing something wrong or are the packages really missing?

Portupgrade won't install packages -- it'll upgrade your ports using
the ports tree.  If you want the latest software, you need to compile
using ports.  Packages are built once, when the X.X-RELEASE comes out.
 Did you read the portupgrade man page?

> I'm using freeBSD 7.0-release on a i386 architectyre and I'm trying to
> update the ports after
> having done portsnap fetch update, so it should be trying to install the
> latest version of the ports.

If you upgraded (you never specified from what version you upgraded
from), say from 7.0-RELEASE to 7.1-RC1, you will get the latest
packages by deinstalling your current packages and reinstalling using

Glen Barber
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