Steve Franks wrote:
> Should I be asking you about the old snd_hda?  I'm having this same
> problem and ignoring it for some time (no sound), but on
> FreeBSD 6.4-STABLE FreeBSD
> 6.4-STABLE #9: Sat Dec 13 18:25:36 MST 2008
> amd64
> instead of current.  

Just take HDA driver from CURRENT, it works fine on RELENG_7 and I think
it may work on your RELENG_6.

> I read the warning:
>      A few Hardware/OEM vendors tend to screw up BIOS settings, thus rendering
>      the snd_hda driver useless, which usually results in a state where the
>      snd_hda driver seems to attach and work, but without any sound.

Such unresolved cases are happen sometimes, but they are really rare. I
have being reported only 2 or 3 of them while working on new driver.
Absolute majority of devices working fine out of the box, or sometimes
require minimal tuning to fix BIOS issues.

Alexander Motin
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