Joseph Simmons wrote:
I have tomcat6_enable="YES" in rc.conf and I don't see any tomcat
process when I ps aux. When I try to start the script, nothing is
returned either, I'd expect there to be some success or failure
message as there is when starting apache22.

The process you'ld start is called 'java' according to ps(1) -- tomcat
runs inside that.

You certainly should get some output from the startup script.  Seeing nothing
at all is a classic symptom of not having the right settings in rc.conf

Try using sockstat(1) to see if you have anything likely with a network
listener on ports 8180 8005 or 8009.  Note that tomcat doesn't bind to
port 80 (or 443 for SSL enabled versions) unless you modify server.xml
If there's a port 8180 listener, then http://localhost:8180/ should get
you the default tomcat home page.

If not then you should be able to find some logs in
/usr/local/apache-tomcat6.0/logs  which may offer clues.



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