There was recently a thread that I started relating to ntpd not
starting correctly becuase DNS and network were not available at the
time of start.  Do a

  ps -U root | grep ntpd

If you see 2 processes, then the thread I mention may apply to you.
If you see one or no processes, then that thread probably does not
apply to you.  In the thread, we were talking about how the DNS
resolver helper process did not return successfully, causing 2
processes to appear and the ntpd not working.

The subject of the thread in question is "named and ntpd start order in rc.d".

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Jason C. Wells
<> wrote:
> My ntpd will not sync on my newly installed 7.1-PRERELEASE hosts.  The
> configuration is the same as other correctly time synched hosts.  They are
> behind the same firewall.  The only difference is that these hosts are
> running 7.1.
> Does anyone have any tricks for getting ntpd to sync on 7.1?  Did something
> time related change in the kernel?
> Thanks,
> Jason
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