Jerry wrote:
On Tue, 23 Dec 2008 04:06:46 -0800 (PST)
"Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum" <> wrote:

Its now just over a year since Perl 5.10.0 was relased, but its still
not in FreeBSD. (/usr/ports/lang only has 5.8).
Can someone tell me why? Is there any way to get it working stably? Is
there any schedule for when it will be added? This is a major release
of a major language, not an obscure maintenence update.

I asked that same question on the "FreeBSD-Ports" forum a few months
ago; however, I never did receive a satisfactory answer. I believe it
is readily apparent that it will not be included with the next release
of FreeBSD; i.e., '7.1'.

Since it does seem to work quite well under Linux, I was wondering
if there was some fundamental flaw in FBSD that prevented it from
working correctly here. Even so, failing to get  a major project like
Perl running properly in over a year on FBSD does not bode well for the

on the contrary, when 5.8 was released, it took a long time to move to that. And when I asked that question on IRC (why 5.10 isn't currently used), it was described to me that the 5.6 to 5.8 "move" broke everything and caused lots of headache. World and Kernel used to (at least) use perl as a glue to make stuff works. I bet there's at least some 5.8 glue for world or kernel.

You can always download the source and compile it yourself. Perl's popular enough that I bet it'll compile fine.

I hear it completely as:
1) World glue may break, and until you can be sure it'll work okay, wait. 2) Kernel glue may break, and until you can be sure it'll work okay, wait. 3) Ports glue/dependencies may break, and until you can be sure it'll work okay, wait.

Given it's taken a year (I didn't realize it was that long) for this wait/check to happen, there must be something holding it up. You might be able to coexist 5.10 and 5.8 -- except the symlink 'perl' will point to ONE of them. I suggest you point it at 5.8

Good luck.
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