Since we only had one ATA133 disk on each TX2000 ATA channel, we skipped the TX2000 setup utility to define an "array" (we didn't want to run RAID or want any stinking arrays at all).

We were able to boot from mobo ATA CDROM and install fbsd through the TX2000.

( btw, we always install fbsd boot mgr, since without the boot mgr, we more often than not, cannot get any boot at all )

But, no boot from TX2000 fbsd disk. Nothing, no errors, from TX200, nothing from fbsd bootblock.

When we did define an array as "span", but only had one disk per ATA channel in the "span", we were finally able to get a boot but with a failure :

Mounting Root from ufs:/dev/ad4s1a
Root Mount Failed: 16

We figured the fbsd install pre-array/span wasn't accessible after we did defined array/span.

So with the array mode + span now on, we re-installed fbsd via the TX2000 to the same disk. And now, we can boot just fine.

.... while waiting for Soeren Schmidt to get the Promise SX4000 driver done!



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