Matthew Seaman wrote:
Lowell Gilbert wrote:
Noah <> writes:

I am trying to run a shell command to the host at the far end of an ssh
tunnel.   Here is how I structured access.  Is there any way to do this
more compactly on one line?

ssh -L 12345:
ssh -p 12345 localhost 'chown -R noah:noah /shares/internal/Music/'

Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet, but wouldn't that just be
ssh n...@ 'chown -R noah:noah /shares/internal/Music/'
?  You might even want to use '-n' as an option to the ssh command.

ENOCOFFEE.  Your equivalence is only the case if you're already logged
into ''  This is a fairly standard idiom for tunnelling a network
connection in through a NAT gateway or a firewall from an external Internet
site to a protected RFC 1918 internal back-end, although the forwarded protocol
is usually other than SSH.

Given that the OP is wanting to tunnel SSH through SSH, a one-liner to
achieve his desired effect might be something like:

ssh ssh n...@ chown -R noah:noah /shares/internal/Music/

you will the prize.   please retrieve it on the way out. :)



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