Hi all,

Here I am away with the family visiting friends and I REALLY need to get
the iwi if up and running.

It's a recently updated system (7.1RC2). Read the man pages, tried
different variations on legal.intel_iwi.license_ack=1, iwi_load,
firmware_load etc. in /boot/loader.conf but I cannot get a connection to
the router.

It used to work on this box with my basic config, a Thinkpad T42, and it
still does with XP.

The interface is associated to the access point ok.

Anyone who can hint me on how to debug this? Would sysctl debug.iwi.0=1
Of course, ANY information is of interest. Does iwi have a problem with
certain routers?

Sorry, no config files, I'm without connectivity when booting FreeBSD...

Any help appriciated!


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