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On Thu, Jan 01, 2009 at 03:29:05PM -0500, Chris Hill wrote:
On Thu, 1 Jan 2009, stan wrote:

I's like to set up my MP3's so that I can access them from the web
server on my Free-BSD 7.1 machine. Is there a port, that provides a
nice interface to this? I'd like something better than just letting
Apache display the directories.

I like audio/squeezecenter.

K, I installed the port, and pointed my browserr at port 9000 to cofigure
it as the instructions sugewsted. I got a page congratulating me on my
"purchase" of some hardware, andit said I needed to create an account on
thier system. Weird

What am I misunderstanding here?

Sorry for the brevity earlier. The squeezecenter software is intended for use in supporting the Squeezebox family of hardware music players made by Logitech, hence the "congrats". You *don't* actually have to create any account, and I'm not sure why they ask you to. You don't have to buy a player either; I use the included Java Web Start "virtual player". On the web interface, look under Extras -> SoftSqueeze and use either the applet or the JWS. Or you could buy a player [later], or both.

You also need to put your music on the server in order to serve it (!). I have mine in a hierarchy of directories for artists and albums, but I guess you could just put your (properly tagged) mp3s on the machine somewhere. Tell squeezecenter where it is and have it re-scan.

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