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> Hi all,
> Does anyone have scripts they may be willing to share the parses any
> FreeBSD utility (top, w, etc) suitable for using the output to use
> mrtg to show memory and disk usage?

Mrtg needs a script that returns four lines :
- the first value
- the second value (return 0 if only one value is used)
- the Uptime
- The legend 

By example a little script to return the number of processus using ps

net:/<1>local/libexec/mrtg# ./pn2mrtg
12 days, 10:20

see http://user.lamaiziere.net/patrick/mrtg.tar.gz as examples.
(The scripts are quite uggly...)

http://lamaiziere.net/private/stat/net/ for the result

OTH, regards.
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