Recently started having complete system reboots while in X, as
well as lookups.


                It seems to have started only when I portupgraded my
XFree86 libraries and clients.  I can work on the machine in X for hours
and hours and hours straight, and then when I'm not next to it for a few
hours, it reboots. I was on this morning, took a shower/shave, and when I
came out it was in the process of rebooting.


                This seems to happen 99.999999% of the time when I'm
trying to get out of xlockmore. If I enter a bad password and try to get
back in again it'll completely lock up. 

        Is there any way to find out atleast whats causing the reboots?
I'm not seeing anything in the logs about it.

                Thanks, Tuc/TTSG Internet Services, Inc.

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