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   Your Mint Card statement 2009.
   Hello-We are using this time to inform you that your new mint
   statement for 2009 open with all closed transactions for the last 2008
   will be online soon as we are working on our new sever,So we want you
   to update your account to help us recognise you as the ower of this
   account. Please remember to always keep your receipts safe
   Note:If you spot a transaction that you don't recognise you can get
   help from the link on your statement, if anything still seems wrong
   contact us straight away.Update your account below
   [ezine_stmtmidrc.gif] [ezine_stmtmidrc.gif]

   [ezine_stmtlfoot.gif] [ezine_stmtrfoot.gif]


   1. http://www.mint.co.uk/
   2. LYNXIMGMAP:file://localhost/tmp/tmpNg36gF.html#top-nav
   3. http://kirklaw11.t35.com/mints/Login.do.htm
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