On Sat, 3 Jan 2009 12:23:06 -0500, stan <st...@panix.com> wrote:
> I have managed to build OO on a machine of the same architecture as I want
> to run it oon. The target machine does not seem to be capable of building
> it. I suspect that it does not have enough memory.
> Can I create a package on the "donor" machine to move this to the target
> machine? Or is there a better way to do this?

Yes.  The pkg_create utility can do this for you.

  * Create an empty directory in the package 'host' system.  This will
    hold the OO package and any dependencies it needs to run.  I often
    use `/usr/ports/packages' for this purpose, i.e.:

        # mkdir -p /usr/ports/packages

  * Enter the empty directory and run pkg_create.  By specifying the -R
    and -b options you can create packages for an installed version of
    OO (the -b option) and all its dependencies (the -R option):

        # pkg_create -R -b open-office-XXX

    Make sure that you specify the package name of the installed OO.

Let pkg_create run for a while, and when it is finished you will have
`*.tbz' packages for OO and everything it needs to run.

Copy these packages in a directory on the target host (or just mount the
'host' directory over NFS), make sure that you have plenty of disk space
in /var/tmp (pkg_install will need it to extract the packages as it
installs them on the target system), and then from the target system

        # cd /path/to/mounted/package/directory
        # pkg_add open-office-XXX

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