Keith Seyffarth wrote:
If you're using the cups printing subsystem you can use the cups-pdf

You end up with the pdf's deposited in /var/spool/cups-pdf/USERNAME.

I don't have any printing installed currently. I may be getting a
printer for this machine at some point in the future (at which point
I'll have to figure out how to get printing to a printer working).

When I run
# which cups

the response is:
cups: Command not found.

# portinstall cups
install this printing option? or would I have to install something

CUPS doesn't actually install a binary called 'cups'.  It installs
a bunch of replacements for the standard printer commands lp, lpr,
lpq, lprm etc.  and a number of daemons including cupsd.

If you want to check whether you have installed cups already, then

  pkg_info -Ix cups

The 'cups-base' package provides the important functionality, but you
should install it as a dependency of the cups meta-port as this will
also include a number of other packages you will need:

 portinstall print/cups

To get the print to PDF functionality, then install cups-pdf:

 portinstall print/cups-pdf

You'll then have to follow the instructions to enable cups and generate
print queues and so forth.



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