If someone could pass this suggestion on i'd appreciate it. It's going
to sound a little picky, and probably crazy but I'm an honest and
forward person so I'll just say it.


Someone needs to change the FreeBSD boot menu. The way the word/logo
"FreeBSD" is displayed in large font with, ASCII characters, reminds me
of the 1990`s with BBS`s. Don`t get me wrong, I loved the days of the
BBS. But it`s 2009 and FreeBSD is a solid, professional,
enterprise-grade operating system and the silly ASCII logo is the only
thing that says amateur about the product. I would try to make the
change myself for myself, but i am not a programmer. I love this product
and would like to suggest changing that screen. To what? I don't know.
Maybe instead of the large logo simply put "FreeBSD version XXX, copy
right"   etc. Or heck, maybe a color bootscreen like GRUB has in Linux
(from what i've seen in Centos/Trixbox). I am not a linux person. I
think FreeBSD is the way for professionals. But the inner perfectionist
in me HAD to send this ridiculous email in hopes to see a change in v
7.1 RTM.


If this isn't the right group, and you know how to get in touch with the
people who can help, I would greatly appreciate it.


Cheers to everyone who has made this great product!


Ryan da Silva

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