On Sun, Jan 04, 2009 at 01:26:03AM -0500, Ryan da Silva wrote:
> Someone needs to change the FreeBSD boot menu. The way the word/logo
> "FreeBSD" is displayed in large font with, ASCII characters, reminds me
> of the 1990`s with BBS`s. Don`t get me wrong, I loved the days of the
> BBS. But it`s 2009 and FreeBSD is a solid, professional,
> enterprise-grade operating system and the silly ASCII logo is the only
> thing that says amateur about the product. I would try to make the
> change myself for myself, but i am not a programmer.

You can change the logo yourself, e.g. to Beastie.
Just add this line to /boot/loader.conf:


If you want to change the logo or add a new one,
have a look at /boot/beastie.4th. That's where
the graphics are. This is Forth, so the code may
seem a little bit opaque at first.

> I love this product and would like to suggest changing that
> screen. To what? I don't know.  Maybe instead of the large logo
> simply put "FreeBSD version XXX, copy right" etc. Or heck, maybe a
> color bootscreen like GRUB has in Linux (from what i've seen in
> Centos/Trixbox).

The beastie logo is in ANSI-color (there's a bw version of it
too). You can create your own ANSI-color representation of your
customized logo too.

A fully graphical boot logo (e.g. by switching to VESA) won't be so
good, because there are many users out there who boot FreeBSD on
headless devices (like Soekris), which don't have the appropriate
circuitry and have to fall back to the serial console. That's why
the current boot screen is very good: it's lightweight, portable,
and to a certain extent customizable.

> I am not a linux person. I think FreeBSD is the way
> for professionals. But the inner perfectionist in me HAD to send
> this ridiculous email in hopes to see a change in v 7.1 RTM.  If
> this isn't the right group, and you know how to get in touch with
> the people who can help, I would greatly appreciate it.  Cheers to
> everyone who has made this great product!  Ryan da Silva


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