On Sat, Jan 03, 2009 at 09:47:08PM +0000, Daniel Leal wrote:
> In most X apps these accents work well, but for example, in a xterm, 
> with the "ee" editor, I can write the accented letter correctly. But 
> when I use "more" to read the file I just created with "ee" I cant see 
> these accented letters correctly!

As already suggested, you might want to try using less(1) instead of

> With aterm, not even with "ee" this works it appears: ~a, 'e,`e, `i, etc 
> etc etc...

That's because aterm doesn't support unicode characters.  Try a terminal
emulator that does, such as rxvt-unicode instead.

> how can I solve this?
> Is it impossible to list and also name files with accented letter?

I believe it is possible to name files with unicode characters, but in
general I'd advise against it.

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