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> On Tuesday 06 January 2009 10:07:17 David Naylor wrote:
>> 2009/1/6 Mel <fbsd.questi...@rachie.is-a-geek.net>:
>> > On Tuesday 06 January 2009 05:49:22 David Naylor wrote:
>> >> Hi,
>> >>
>> >> My ISP's NAT, unfortunately, does not work more than it does.  This is a
>> >> problem as I need to provide 'direct' internet access for the computers
>> >> inside my network.
>> >>
>> >> I would like to set up a transparent SOCKS proxy (similar to transparent
>> >> HTTP proxy, aka squid) on the server.  Does anyone know how to do this
>> >> (and which ports to use)?  This needs to be a server side solution since
>> >> I am unable to implement this on the clients...
>> >
>> > http://www.freshports.org/net/dante/
>> As far as I know dante can only be made "transparent" with the use of
>> client side software (such as the libsocks.so libraries under *nix) and not
>> from the server side (i.e. tunneling the traffic through a SOCKS proxy).
>> The way I think of
>> it is similar to NAT (in the capturing of traffic)?
>> Or am I missing something?
> In pf terms: rdr traffic, or use something like this:
> http://bayxao.wordpress.com/2007/03/18/transparent-socks-proxy-client/

The above link only talks about client side solutions.  I could see how rdr
(which I understand to be the same as NAT?) could work, except it needs
to be redirected to a program that then routes the traffic through the socks
server?  I have not been able to find such a program (and the above socks
clients only act as a wrapper for other programs?).

Perhaps a simple program that gets the redirected incoming traffic [like
squid does] but then just connects to the destination server (with a socks
wrapper doing the routing through the socks server)??? Or just a socks
based solution?

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