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> I am wondering what type of versioning is used  for various documents in 
> many *nix OS's. For instance,
> "# $FreeBSD: src/etc/master.passwd,v 2002/07/16 12:33:21 
> des Exp $"

That's CVS. 

> Is this something that could be used for an office enviroment or just 
> for developing software?

It can be reasonably used on anything that stores files as plain text
documents. So the answer depends on your office environment. If you're
using one of the XML-based office systems, you can use it with some
success. If you're still using a system that stores data in binary
files, it'll work - but isn't nearly as useful.

I've had very good experiences using Perforce - which I perfer to CVS
- to store system configuration files.

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