I'd like to ask on the best options for using setfib and pf in a non-BGP
environment. I will run 2 uplinks, with VLANs for internal networks and want
to fail over external links if one of them fails.
Currently pf supports to the best of my knowledge:

a) rtable - this means i can create the routing tables with setfib and then
use pass from  .... rtable N( N >1 <16) or give out directly network ranges
b) route-to - pass in/out on X from ... route-to
c) packet tagging - i can tag networks and use standalone or through routing
tags. Anyone aware if is it ok to use /etc/gateways without running routed
or how can i label routes alternatively?
d) pass in from route N( from example) to... - saw this on
http://www.mail-archive.com/p...@benzedrine.cx/msg07220.html and requires BGP
to make tags speak anything but network numbers.
e) use the vlan id's

I'd much appreciate if someone thinks with me for the best options of using
the setfib features along with pf.
Best regards,
Dimitar Vassilev
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