In the last episode (Jan 07), David Karapetyan said:
> On Wed, Jan 07, 2009 at 07:47:30PM -0300, Daniel Molina Wegener [Coder.CL] 
> wrote:
> > On Wednesday 07 January 2009 19:07:13 David Karapetyan wrote:
> > > Hello. When I open my mutt email client, the cursor (highlighting
> > > mail) is always located in the middle of the screen. What option
> > > do I need to include in my muttrc so that when I open mutt, the
> > > cursor highlights the topmost email?
> > 
> > Hi, try using colors if your terminal emulator support them, I have
> > these colors in my muttrc file:
> Yes, I already am using colors. However, when I open mutt, the email
> located in the middle of my terminal screen is the one that is
> highlighted, rather than the topmost one. This strikes me as odd; I'd
> like for the topmost email (email #1) to be highlighted.

By default, mutt will put the cursor on the first New message, and if
there are none, the first Old message, and if there are none, the first
message.  I bet you've got an unread message in the middle of your
mailbox :)

If you want mutt to go to the first message in any folder, add this to
your ~/.muttrc file:

folder-hook . push <first-entry>

That will tell mutt to jump to the first message on any folder name
matching the regex "." (which will match anything).

        Dan Nelson
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