Cool to see the thread take this twist, but the original question still remains:

How doe one install FreeBSD without the sysinstal utility?


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On Wednesday 07 January 2009 8:50:39 pm Grant Peel wrote:
Hi all,

I keep reading in the man pages and elsewhere that 'sysinstall' is greatly
in need of 'Death'.

How would one do a fresh install of FBSD without it?

Is there a replacement in the works?


Actually, the more  use it, the more I like it ..

The only con that I find is that I don't whether it's possible to install
Postfix instead of Sendmail by default, thus getting completely rid of
Sendmail on my FreeBSD installs. But that probably something that I'm

Gonzalo Nemmi

In the curses-based sysinstall of later versions of FBSD (7+, I think
- haven't done 6 in a while) I do indeed select postfix to install, or
no MTA at all, then add postfix later. Depends on my mood...

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