Does anyone know of a laptop, preferably an older model so it's
inexpensive, (It doesn't have to be very fast.), that is:

1) FreeBSD friendly.
2) Isn't a portable skillet?
3) Is physically sturdy. Not bulletproof, but not creaking, sagging plastic.

Every laptop I've used in the past has had terrible overheating
problems. If one places a 'laptop' in their lap, it overheats,
possibly burning the legs of the operator with prolonged use. I want a
laptop, not a laptop attached to a desk or a board with fans in it, or
the need to hunt down a desk so I can set my laptop on the desktop,
effectively creating a desktop. I want to be able to set the laptop on
top of my lap. (Hard to imagine.)

The last laptop I had was a gateway, which when held by the corner
would creak and sag and overheated constantly. The Toshiba was
sturdier, but had equally atrocious ventilation and overheating

I was originally thinking about a thinkpad, like a T20 or T30, but
word on the street is that thinkpads overheat too?

Does such a thing exist?
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