Matthew Davidson [DATACOM] wrote:
>> Do you have unusual options like FEATURE(always_add_domain ...) set up?
> I haven't made any changes to the sendmail configuration.  It's straight
> out of the CD vanila 6.3 "Standard" install.  I'm completetly stumped.
> If I build with 6.1,  I don't have any issue.  If I build with 6.4,
> same problem.
> I might try rebuilding as ''.  Perhaps it's some bug
> specific to the '.nz' TLD,  but that seems unlikely.

Show output for:

# ifconfig
# dig @localhost

Then, get the nameserver IP address out of /etc/resolv.conf, and
assuming that $IP is equal to the IP address of the nameserver,:

# dig @$IP

This problem resembles an issue with a missing '.' trailer somewhere
within a naming application...

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