RW wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Jan 2009 17:10:10 -0500
> "Ansar Mohammed" <> wrote:
>> After registering Sun complains that they don't like my ID and I need
>> to provide more information. I create another account. Same problem.
>> After 3 months I finally get an email saying they want clarification
>> on the acronym for my company. 
> Well there's your problem. You gave them too much information in the
> first place. I usually just make-up a name as a matter of principle.
> Just create a new account for some made-up name, don't specify any
> company, download your file, and then (if you really care) go through
> the hoops afterwards.

Improper subject, wrong attitude.

If one wishes to use a license from another product that is outside of
the BSD license scope, then follow it properly.

FreeBSD ( && personnel) does a magnificent job of keeping
outside-licensed code and objects separate from itself, and I'd rather
jump through burning hoops of flame to 'add on' to the system to mend it
to my needs, as opposed to  having the system, and possibly its users,
face legal ramifications later...

If you need outside software that requires reading any sort of an
'Agreement', then follow the 'Agreement' until you get rights to use the

FreeBSD isn't about 'easy'. It's about 'right'. Installation methods
print out information about external licenses for a reason. Ask those
external places how to get around their sign-ups...don't ask here.

For that matter, don't answer such questions here, either.

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