I've going to give away what I think could be at least a
        multi-thousand dollar idea, something we nearly have already.
        And a wish-list for a program that does not, AFAIK, exist.

        First, the wish-for:: given all the kinds of video and audio
        programs that are now on the web, how difficult would it be
        to have a GUI [interface] program pop up a screen with date of
        airing, and/or date of podcast?  Not to exceed several hours
        worth of recorded podcasts... or live recording.

        I can only give examples of thing I watch, but this will give
        you some idea.  And bear in mind that at least FreeBSD cannot
        capture some programs.  Like "FRONTLINE" on PBS.

        But for the sake of argument, let's say that firefox or
        whatever browser or kmplayer or another player did have the
        proper codecs.

        This GUI app  would find, fetch, and store in /usr/local/tmp
        FRONTLINE, NOVA, "In Our Time" and "Everyday Ethics" [BBC],
        and "Marketplace", Weekend, 10jan09.  

        When these programs were safely in /usr/local/tmp/Pods, the
        program would send mail or otherwise inform the user.

        How doable is this...?  and, yes, i know that many of these
        audio files can be subscribed to as podcasts.  I have several
        on my Google page.  


    PS:  oTher, larger idea next, separate post.

 Gary Kline  Public Service Unix
    First update of in seven months.

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