cd /usr/ports as normal

have a look at  man mount_unionfs

your basically stacking fs on top of each other
writes goto the tmpfs as its at the top of the stack

its not persistent over boots mind

PstreeM China wrote:
i think the option WRKDIRPREFIX is a good idea , and i whill test the methon unionfs.

but i want to know , after i mount the unionfs , like this :#mount -t unionfs /usr/ports /usr/ports.real
the /usr/ports is  memery FS, what can i used to install software ??
go to the dir : /usr/ports/**/** to install ,
or go to dir dir : /usr/ports.real/*/* to install ??

thank all!!

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 6:14 PM, chris.scott < <>> wrote:

    Wojciech Puchar wrote:

            hi all:

                i want to know ,how to compile better speed during the
            installation of
            Ports , use the memery filesystem(MFS) ..

                during make world , mount the md0 to /usr/obj , but
            what can i do for

        better use tmpfs

            the port ?

        rm -rf /usr/ports/
        mkdir /usr/ports
        mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /usr/ports
        portsnap extract

        now build
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    quicker to do

    mv /usr/ports /usr/ports.real

    mkdir /usr/ports
    mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /usr/ports
    mount -t unionfs -o noatime /usr/ports /usr/ports.real

    of cause tmpfs can actually start using disk space unlike a md
    device so if you eat up to much ram with the compiles it will slow

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