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I found this recent post (added to the bottom of the Email) in a
OpenBSD mailing list, and I am experiencing the same problems
connecting our Iphone 3G phones to our FreeBSD based AP

Sam Fourman Jr.
Fourman Networks

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date    Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 3:48 PM
subject Re: Strange WLAN issue with ral(4) in hostap mode
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There are power savings for 802.11 that OpenBSD does not support; this is
entirely independent from saving battery via cpu clocking and it is also
entirely independent from saving battery via adjusting the transmit power
of the radio.  The power savings for 802.11 actually put the radio to sleep
for a given interval and wake it up sending a message to the AP which is
supposed to hold packets for a given client until the client responds,
which OpenBSD does not do, therefore packetloss ensues.

I know this very well, my BlackBerry Pearl 8120 gets 90-95% packet loss
with an OpenBSD based AP.

Damien is aware of what needs doing, but I am to understand it is not a
short or easy road to get there.

Todd Fries .. t...@fries.net
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