Zhang Weiwu <zhangwe...@realss.com> writes:

> Hello. I come across device.hints manual which says I can set irq for
> each device there. I am using 6.1.

Kind of old now.  I don't know specifically of any reason that would
matter, but for several reasons I wouldn't be at all surprised.

> The settings I made in devices.hints never worked. e.g.
> hint.uhci.0.at="pci"
> hint.uhci.0.irq="12"
> I can set whatever value for irq and it always rebooted as irq 11.
> However 'disabled="1"' works.
> That's strange, I didn't find manual where it say it work in some
> condition or for some device only.

"Consult individual device drivers' manual pages for available keywords
and their possible values."

> Is there a way to assign uhci to use an irq differently? seems it is the
> cause of an interrupt storm problem I am having.

I'm not really sure if uhci is set up to do that.  You definitely want
uhci on its own interrupt if you can, not because it necessarily
generates a lot of them, but because it can spend a lot of time handling
each one...

Have you checked what happens if you disable your APIC?

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area
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