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Jerry McAllister <jerr...@msu.edu> wrote:

> In general, you should not expect to be able to write to an ntfs file
> system type.    That is why I converted my MS-Win file system to
> FAT32. 

Not a good idea.

> According to the man page, some limited writing can be done,
> but the list of limitations is long and they are not all immediately
> straightforward.

You should be able to write to ntfs if you use the fuse version
sysutils/fusefs-ntfs - it "just works" in my experience. 

The last time I checked it required some (well-documented) adjustment
to make it mount from fstab as FreeBSD uses a hard-coded list of mount_*
commands rather than simply converting "mount -t foo" to mount_foo. I'm
not sure if this is fixed in 7.1 - but it's about time it was.
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