Neal Hogan wrote:

Well, it took me all day, but I did synch-up the source with the kernel. However, being new to the ways of fBSD I (accidentally) ended up building the -CURRENT source and kernel (8.0). I tried ndisgen on the latest driver and it didn't work . . . I'll tell you why in a second.

Lesson learned, I suppose.

I'm a bit uncomfortable dealing with current. I'd rather go back to the 7.1-RELEASE, which claims to have better ndis support. FYI - I've dual booted fBSD, and am merely experimenting with it. So, while it may seem odd that I continue to move between versions, I do have access to other machines that have more familiar environments (oBSD and XP).

Well, if you are going back to 7.X, I'd start from scratch. If you haven't gotten WiFi working yet, I assume you haven't gotten much else configured on the system. Doing a fresh install will alleviate some headaches, in my opinion.

Now, the *ndisgen path/to/inf path/to/sys* didn't work because it said that the .inf file was in a different format than it expected. So, I attempted to convert it to ascii using *iconv -c -f utf-16 -t ascii path/to/inf > .inf.ascii* and use the new file as the .inf. Again, it said it was the wrong format. That's when I bailed. So as not to waste my time with 8.0, because I wish to pursue expermenting on 7.1. Anyway .

This could be due to something in -CURRENT.  I'm not sure.

. . at this time, I have one more question regarding the driver that will end up being successfull (hopefully there is one).

Should I have to manipulate the .inf file? There is the wrong format issue, mentioned above, and when setting up ndis in the "panicky" situation, ndisgen claimed that the last line of the .inf file was bad (I forget the actual teminology used). So, I deleted that line and it

Besides `iconv' if needed, no, you shouldn't have to edit anything in the .INF and .SYS files. If they don't work, something else is wrong.

successfully generated the .ko file. It seems odd to me that I would have to manipulate the driver information so much and that it may the source of some of my ndis problems. Another way of asking this question . . . will the successful driver just work (i.e., not need such manipulations)?

Ideally, yes, it should 'just work'.

Thanks for you patience.

Glen Barber
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