William Gordon Rutherdale <will.rutherd...@utoronto.ca> writes:

> I have just installed FreeBSD on a machine and am having trouble
> getting basic ethernet connectivity working.
> I know that the interface works because it functioned fine with the
> old virus software called 'Vista' on that connection.
> The ifconfig utility tells me that the machine recognises something
> called fwe0 with an ethernet address of 02:1e:8c:9a:3b:96.  However
> dmesg tells me this is a 'Fake Ethernet' address.
> I used ifconfig (as root) to set the ip address and netmask for fwe0,
> but am unable to ping another machine on the network.  I have not
> tried installing FreeBSD before but have installed other operating
> systems in the past including various versions of Linux.
> Is it possible that FreeBSD is not recognising the ethernet device
> properly at boot time, and giving it the wrong driver?  Or is there a
> simpler step I missed?
> What steps can I take to get this interface working?

fwe is for Ethernet-over-Firewire, which is probably not what you want.
What kind of Ethernet interface do you have (i.e., chipset if you know
it), and is there any reference to an Ethernet adapter in the boot-time

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area
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