Hi all,

I decided to set up my own CVSup server just for my local
network. After reading all related stuff I should find, I have
solid knowledge about this issue but one thing disturbed my mind.

My pc, server which I will mirroring from, is also downloading
source tree from another server (cvsup.at.freebsd.org) to /usr/src
directory. I will download my src tree once a week.
When I am going to set up cvsup server on my own, cvsup-mirror
asks me, where I want to download files I just purchased. Default
directory is "/home/ncvs".

My question is, can be downloading directory /usr/src ?
Which reason should I place downloading files to /home/ncvs for?
Does it matter ? Can I serve my own src tree for other computers?
Does it have to be stored twice?

thank you
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