Tsu-Fan Cheng writes:

>    I just csup my port tree this morning (01/12), and realized
>  there is a whole lot ports need my attention (49 of them). I
>  checked out UPDATES and found out that gnome and GTK+ have just
>  been updated. But i don't have gtkmm or gnome-session installed,
>  I wonder if I should still upgrade my ports just as described in
>  the UPDATES.

        In short, yes.  Many (but not all) of these a) are part of
GNOME or b) have a GNOME component in their dependencies.  The
update procedure is there for a reason.
        (Advice: make sure you have the latest vesion of UPDATING.
Additional useful information was added in the last 24 hours.)

                                Robert Huff

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