Whenever I send a message to [EMAIL PROTECTED] I get the error:
550 Error: Message content rejected

After some experimentation I found out that my mail was being rejected
on be basis of my X-Mailer header which is:

X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.62 Christmas Edition) Educational

I also tried:
X-Mailer: The Bat!

I tried both of these in a message with no other headers, and just a
single command in the body and they got rejected with the 550 error.
Trying a full fledged message without the X-Mailer, and a bare one
with "Outlook Express" as the X-Mailer and got no errors at all. So
what I'm wondering is, why is The Bat! getting rejected?

P.S. I just tried sending THIS message to freebsd-questions and it got
rejected from my MUA, so I suspect other freebsd.org lists do the same.
I'm only able to send this message by doing it by hand.

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