I can run a check disk on it and it returned that the file system was
previously mounted on /mnt/backup and returns that the file system is in
good shape.  I will have to wait until I get back in front of it to attempt
the dump piped to restore.  I have never had to recover a drive like that,
is there anything specific I should look at for switches or just dump
/dev/ad2s1 | restore?

On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 7:13 PM, <per...@pluto.rain.com> wrote:

>  "mojo fms" <fbsdli...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I was working on an upgrade to 6.3 from 6.2 and I lost power
> > during the install which hosed most of my system.  Instead of
> > trying to really recover it I decided to just rebuild.  I have a
> > backup of my /etc and /usr/local/etc on a different drive that
> > should be fine, it was just mounted under /mnt normally and used
> > for backups.  My problem is that I installed 7.1 and was careful
> > not to erase any data on that drive, but my only options for a
> > partition to mount is /dev/ad2s1.  When  I try to mount that it
> > gives me "mount: /dev/ad2s1 : Operation not permitted", what can
> > I do to get the data off of it?  I only really care about my /etc
> > information  but it would be nice to get all of the information
> > off of it.
> Supposing ad2s1 is in fact the slice containing the filesystem in
> question, and the filesystem was originally made directly on that
> slice without partitioning it, it should be possible to run dump(8)
> against it and pipe the output to restore(8).  This should work if
> the slice is readable, even if it cannot be mounted.
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