Bill Campbell wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 12, 2009, Joe Kraft wrote:
>>I have a personal network behind a FreeBSD firewall running IPFW.  It's
>>been working fine for years, but as I'm getting more mobile in my work I'd
>>like to be able to access my network while traveling.
>>At work the problem is solved with an IPSEC VPN client that I run to
>>to the appropriate server.  As I looked through my normal traveling gear
>>my laptop (Windows XP Pro) and handheld (iPaq 211) both seem to have IPSEC
>>clients built in.
>>Can someone point me to a VPN for dummies documentation so I can set up my
>>firewall to also provide me an access point for me to connect to my home
>>network while I'm travelling?
> We usually use OpenVPN rather than IPSec as it's generally easier
> to set up, works from roaming systems behind NAT firewalls, and
> there are easy-to-use clients for Windows, OS X, Linux, and
> various other flavors of Unix.  OpenVPN uses user-space SSL, and
> does not require any kernel support.
> Bill

Thanks for the pointer, OpenVPN looks great.  I don't see support for
Windows Mobile clients though, I did find a project to build a client but
it didn't seem to be complete though.


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