Dan Nelson wrote:
In the last episode (Jan 10), michael said:
several of my laptop batteries(L-ION) have an i2c bus to the eeprom
inside the case. is it possible to reprogram or reset a battery i
have repacked from within freebsd or will i need to do this with the
available windows programs?
what i'm asking is if freebsd actually supports sending of data over
the i2c bus from userland.

The iic driver seems to provide ioctls for userland manipulation; as
long as you know what to send (and assuming the kernel driver finds the
i2c chip), it should work.

I noticed the same things, but I wasn't sure if any of the real ground work had been done. I've been replacing the cells in my batteries for a while now because I get 40-60% more gain from home built compared to new batteries from the manufacturer. I'm just tired of the licensing from the software I was using because it limits how many eeproms you can re flash.

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