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> 1. I have been searching for a iTunes client. i.e. a player that I can 
> play my iTunes on. Does such a thing exist? 

There are lots of players capabable of playing mp3 in
/usr/ports/multimedia/, e.g. audacious, amarok, xmms2, xmms (old).

Only iTunes can play restricted (DRM encumbered) aac files.

> Is there an iTunes client that can connect to the iTunes store?

Not natively. You could try running the windows version of iTunes under
the wine emulator (/usr/ports/emulators/wine).
> 2. I want to import my Oulook express folders to Thinderbird. I know it 
> can be done on windows, but when I try the impirt feature (running 
> Thunderbord on FreeBSD), there is no option to do this. Is there a way?

The /usr/ports/mail/libpst port contains a tool called readpst which can
convert them to e.g. mailbox (mbox) format. Thunderbird should be able
to import mbox files.
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