On 2003-02-25 19:43, Antoine Jacoutot <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am sure it is a common question, but I can't find the answer: -
> how can I save my defined settings when building a port?

> Putting them in /etc/make.conf does not seem to work.

Why not?  What did you put in /etc/make.conf?

I just tried rebuiding textproc/ispell with ISPELL_FR=yes in my
make.conf file.  Ports correctly tries to build ispell with French
support by typing:

        # cd /usr/ports/txtproc/ispell
        # make

> For exemple, if I want to build imapd with drac support, I go "make
> WITH_DRAC=yes install", but I would love to go like "make install",
> putting WITH_DRAC=yes in some configuration file somewhere so I
> don't have to write nor remember it all the time (especially when
> upgrading).
> Is that even possible ?

Another possibility is to create a metaport, that depends on other
ports.  I call mine my-workstation, and I have created it under
/usr/ports/misc/my-workstation.  The purpose of this port is not to
build anything or install anything of its own; just to have proper
dependencies for all the programs I usually want around.  The Makefile
of that port includes:

        # Feature customization for the `contained' ports.
        .MAKEFLAGS+=    WITHOUT_X11=YES \
                        ISPELL_FR=YES \
                        ISPELL_IT=YES \

These flags are passed down to all the dependencies of the port, when
it's installed.  This way, all the ports that my-workstation pulls in
by dependencies will compile without X11 support, ispell will include
both Italian and French support, Pine will have SSL support compiled
in by default, etc.

- Giorgos

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