After an upgrade from FreeBSD 7.0 to 7.1 (with freebsd-update in my
case), is it required to recompile all ports (portupgrade -af) like
specified in some docs/blog-entries, or is it not *really* necessary?
What are you doing on your production systems?   Having to upgrade
several servers (>15), it's quite important for me to estimate the time
required for the operation... 

I did the upgrade on a test server here, and all ports still seems to
work  (apache, php, mysql, etc.) so I guess the answer is no, but I'd
like to be sure before upgrading some important servers :-)

According to:

"Users of earlier FreeBSD releases (FreeBSD 6.x) can also use
freebsd-update to upgrade to FreeBSD 7.1, but will be prompted to
rebuild all third-party applications (e.g., anything installed from the
ports tree) after the second invocation of "freebsd-update install", in
order to handle differences in the system libraries between FreeBSD 6.x
and FreeBSD 7.x."

It would be necessary only for major upgrades (6.x -> 7.x).   Right? 

thanks & regards,

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