Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:
>> From: Da Rock <rock_on_the_web at>
>> I've tried the driver on 7.0- 8.0 current is out of the question as
>> The driver patches compiles (iwn-7 from gavin), but when I load it
>> goes through the channels and errors and finally dies with a full
>> page fault.

> for what it is worth
> I too would very much like iwn working on freebsd 7.1, it works ok on
> 8-current

See my previous post to stable@ in December, which was unfortunately unanswered:

Short: The version from gavin crashes for me, too, but the initial version from perforce (before vap was introduced) works -- with some issues. There are only very few differences between those 2 versions.

I guess someone with knowledge of vap would have to go through the perforce and current changes to find the stabilizing changes.

Jan Henrik
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