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> This seems to be a bit of a sideline... but how does it work if you move
> the disk around? Assuming generic kernel, you should be boot that kernel
> on practically any machine- right? But I had trouble with it not finding
> the drive- boot manager ok, install fine, just won't boot. I assumed
> that the da0xxx was simply a pointer (programming speak) so that if you
> inserted the disk somewhere else (another port, another m/c, etc) it may
> not "point" to the same place for booting. Would this be right?

I haven't had an issue with it finding the loader yet (but I'm not
using GRUB, I'm using the FreeBSD loader).  And following the
directions linked above, I used the geom label process, so I don't
have to worry about /dev/daXs1d or whatever it was detected on...just
use /dev/ufs/FreeBSDStick (or whatever you label it).


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