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     > While I have not tried it, it claims it can make a vmdk from a
     > server. I have used it to move virtualized FreeBSD installs from
    one vmware
     > server to another.
     > http://www.vmware.com/products/converter/overview.html

    I can't remember why I didn't use this when I last did P2V on a
    FreeBSD box, but I ended up just creating a VM with a new vmdk of the
    correct size and then using dd over nc to copy the disk from the
    physical machine, which worked fine too. An important gotcha is if the
    host is IDE but you create your VM with SCSI disks (e.g. for ESX) and
    the disk devices change name :)


Could you kindly share the steps you followed? It looks like that's what I have to do, as this app is commercial and I don't have that money now:-)

Nope, the starter edition is free. Believe me, if we had to pay for it, my boss wouldn't let me use it 8^(


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