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I have two routing tables, three LAN: one internal, two external.
I have connected VIA VPN to server through internal LAN.
if in firewall I add:
setfib 1 all from internal.lan.ip to any

The packet inside VPN tunnel is marked to have fib 1 and will leave router 
acording routing table 2 (fib 1)

If client IP is and router IP is and LAN interface is rl2
If VPN interface on router is ng0 and framed IP for VPN client is

it seems that
setfib 1 all from internal.lan.ip to any in recv rl2
is equivalent to
setfib 1 all from to any in recv ng0

Is this feature or bug that packet inside tunnel is also marked to have same 
fib as tunnel/transport packet has?

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