I need help with this.  I'm trying to create a software RAID1.  I followed
the instructions in man page 

atacontrol(8) wrote:
> [snip]
> A quick and dirty way to create such a mirrored array on a new system is
> to boot off the FreeBSD install CD, do a minimal scratch install, abort
> out of the post install questions, and at the command line issue the com-
> mand:
>        atacontrol create RAID1 ad4 ad6
> then immediately issue a reboot and boot from the installation CD again,
> and during the installation, you will now see "ar0" listed as a disk to
> install on, and install on that instead of ad4, ad6, etc. 
> [snip]

I did the above exactly as stated, except when I reboot ar0 just disappears. 
What went wrong?  Or, please point out what I missed.  :confused:

I've tried setting the SATA type in BIOS to either "Native IDE" or "AHCI"
modes.  If I set it to RAID mode, the installation says "no disks found". 
When I boot up, either from the CD or from ad4, I see both disks, ad4 & ad6.

When I do the "atacontrol create RAID1 ad4 ad6" command and then "atacontrol
status ar0", it reports that ar0 is READY, but when I reboot, it's gone.
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