Ewald Jenisch wrote:

Having used portupgrade for several years I'm thinking to make the
switch to portmaster since both of them seem to be fully supported as
far as upgrading ports is concerned.

Anything to consider when going from portupgrade to portmaster?


Is there also a way back, i.e. from portmaster to portupgrade?

What are your experiences with portmaster, esp. in terms of stability,
handling, features?

Thanks much in advance,

I'll be honest -- I've tried portupgrade, then portmaster, then dabbled with porteasy. Then a buddy mentioned pkg_replace. I never tried pkg_replace but the documented and recommended way to upgrade ports were not followed (in my eyes) by any of those... so I made my own based from the borne shell only. It relies 100% on the ports subsystem to do it's work and it doesn't try to shortcut the process.

So what my system does (which isn't released, won't be released in the forseeable future)... Forces a warning of the upgrading process may "loose" some package if you cancel out of it
        Forces a display of the UPGRADING file... then the MOVED file.
Asks the user if it's OK to proceed, given the UPDATING and MOVED files may have given special instructions for something.
        Scans for the outdated ports, optionally using the INDEX file
        Re-calls itself to upgrade each port in turn found above
        Gives options to do stages, such as building without installing
Logs the process in memory, and logs the final result in a logfile and prints it to the screen

Most importantly, I love the concept that it has no external prerequisites.

In the end, I think it works really well but since I don't feel confident that it's bugfree and ready for dedicated and production servers -- I am not releasing it to the public (yet?).


But if I were to recommend anything, go through the ports-mgmt category and find something that works for you, or roll your own.

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